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Today Yeti is the cooler of choice for outdoor enthusiasts, pros, tailgaters, and backyard barbecue kings. And that still gets us fired up. Ultimately, life is about having a good time doing what you love. And for us, that’s being outdoors hunting whitetail, catching a tarpon on the fly, and spending time with our families and buddies. We’re wild at heart. So our coolers couldn’t be anything less.

Yeti coolers are a buy-it-for-life purchase that will offer many many years of use and will continue to perform well. They are pressure insulated with a polyurethane foam that is thick on the sides and extra thick on the top where insulation is needed the most. We recommend Yetis mid to large sized coolers due to the fact that they have much larger internal capacities which therfore can hold more ice and offer much better ice retention.


YETI coolers are very strong and tough, but durability is just one of the benefits of a YETI. Outstanding thermal properties set YETI apart. YETI coolers are among the best insulated coolers on the market today (up to 2 inches or more of polyurethane insulation in the walls and lid of most sizes). This insulation, combined with a freezer-quality sealing gasket and durable one-piece construction, gives YETI industry-leading ice retention. 



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