The Waterworks-Lamson is not a typical fly fishing company. They are C1 Design Group, and their core expertise is in product design. They innovate, invent, design and engineer. Their roots trace back to the bicycle industry, where we designed one of the very first (and very best) clipless pedal systems.

They began to develop product ideas and explore the fly fishing market in 1995. After a long weekend with dead fish in the bathtub, designer Mark Farris emerged with a tool capable of reducing fish mortality by eliminating netting and handling. They called this the Ketchum Release, a play on the name of our home town of Ketchum, Idaho. It was an immediate success.

Following the Ketchum Release and several other accessory ideas, they quickly turned their attention to fly reels. They could see that fly reels were poorly designed. Reels were too complicated; they were using too many parts; drag systems and other running parts were exposed to the elements; reels were too heavy. So they began with a blank sheet of paper, and undertook a total re-think of the fly reel. The rest is history.

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