Fraser-Volpe FV Mariner
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Fraser-Volpe FV Mariner

Price: $5,399.00
  • Item #: FVMAR
  • Manufacturer: Fraser-Volpe
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Fraser-Volpe pioneered the development of active image stabilized binoculars. For OVER 30 YEARS our products have set the standard for high-quality optical instruments in demanding field conditions.


Stabilized viewing on the water is essential, so why not use a product from the pioneer of Gyro Stabilization – FRASER-VOLPE. For over 30 years, Fraser-Volpe has provided high quality optics to all branches of the United States Military. Fraser-Volpe now brings this quality to the Marine Industry. The problem with most stabilized binoculars on the market is that they are fragile and break easily. The STEDI-EYE® Mariner is a direct descendant of Fraser-Volpe's M25 Military model that has consistently received high praise for enduring grueling field use. Expect nothing less than an exceptional piece of equipment.

Standard Accessories:

• Soft-Sided Field Carrying Case

• Neck Strap

• External Power Cable

• Protective Lens Covers

• Full Face Eyecup

• Detailed Operator’s Manual

• Cleaning Kit and Spare Batteries