ECHO Fly Rods

ECHO Rods: No matter what the criteria for choosing your next fly rod; action, power, length, cast-ability, cosmetics, or price, Echo has the right model for any budget or desire. From our new lightweight high modulus Echo3 series to the Gecko kid's rod we make something for all pocketbooks, skill levels, and angling situations.

SINGLE HAND RODS: Whether powering casts on windy saltwater flats, turning over bass and pike flies in tight target zones, or making that perfect presentation to mister selective, one of the Echo Single handed rods will fill the bill.

DOUBLE HAND RODSTwo-handed and Switch rods have become the "go to" weapon of Steelhead & Salmon anglers for many years, but fisherman of all species are seeing the advantages in casting and line control that these effective tools give you. Add in the choice of lines designed for the "Long Rod" and there is hardly a fishing situation that they don't make easier. They have covered the bases with this extensive array of series and models.

OTHER RODS: The following special purpose rods open up the world of fly casting for several different demographics of anglers. 

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